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4 Days trading Webinar Bootcamp

Learn Time Tested Stock Trading Setups with best Risk to reward

In the session we will discuss ways to trade Intraday effectively and make money consistently. The focus of the session will be to explain the setups which can be used to execute intraday & Positional trades. We will be discussing how to get into the trade with minimum risk along with how to book profits and trail positions.

“For Anyone who has basic stock market chart reading knowledge”

Date: Jan 26-Jan 30  @ 9 pm to 10:30 pm everyday
Venue: Zoom (Online)
Language: English Only

{ Original Value= Rs 5999/- Limited Time Offer }

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Day trading Webinar Bootcamp 2

Common Problems that traders face during day trading?

My 7+ yrs of Trading exp. summed into 400 min of pre recorded content + 6 hrs of live content.

Our Bootcamp curriculum

  • Stock Market Basics, reading the price with candlesticks & Learn what makes the prices move in Stock market
  • Price Action Techniques-  Learn how to read Price Action and get the trading Edge
  • Learn to Identify Repeatable Demand and Supply Patterns Risk Management
  • Learn to Identify Institutional Footprints for Buying and Selling
  • Identifying support & resistance
  • CPR & moving average trading method.
    A proper system for day trading that applied to any asset class like equities, Futures, Options, Commodity, Forex etc which will help you to scale your account
  • Stock Selection Process
  • When to enter and Exit your trades
  • Stringent risk management system to help you never blow your account.
  • Multiple Technique to day trade, helping you to remove noise
  • Pyschology behind the trade
  • Know the most common mistakes & Reasons for Failures in Stock Market Trading
  • Post Trade Analysis
  • 6+ hrs of practical & theoretical online training

You are going to learn some effective techniques to trade stocks and indices.

Join 250+ Traders who have previously attended this Webinar or Our flagship course and learnt the Strategy, Discipline required to day trade successfully

[Note: to become successful/profitable you need hours of practice and screen time, just by attending the webinar you will not become profitable]

Check out what they have to say about our course

Some of our Student’s profit using techniques they learnt in the webinar

Register soon before January 20, 2020 to unlock bonuses worth INR 5500/-

Bonus 1 = Rs 3000 off on our professional trader masterclass 1.0  effective price would be INR 8999/- (original price = Rs 11999/-)

Bonus 2= You will get exclusive support and mentorship after webinar for 15 days where you can clear your doubt and share screenshots of your trade and ask questions.

Bonus 3= You will get a PDF of the entire Live Workshop (so you can go through the pdf again and don’t miss out on anything) 

{ Original Value= Rs 5999/- Limited Time Offer }

We assist all our students for 15 days on setups and share our trade ideas

Meet You Trainer

Day trading Webinar Bootcamp 8

Mukul Choudhary

Mukul Choudhary is Full time Stock Market Trader with expertise in Day Trading, Swing Trading (directional). With More than 7+ yrs of experience in Stock Markets, he has experimented with different methods and strategies ,psychological aspects to improve his trading and make it as simple as possible. He wants to reduce the learning curve of budding students and help them achieve their goals sooner.

Wise Stock Research Academy is on a mission to empower the aspiring traders who really want to make it big in their businesses and lives. 

Many of the traders mentored by him are making a living day trading. From Housewives to jobbers ,he has trained many traders.

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This will be a game-changer for you if you want to improve your day trading today.

Mukul Choudhary

{ Original Value= Rs 5999/- Limited Time Offer }

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