Stock Tips

Do you have difficulty in finding answers to the following questions. 

  1. Predicting the direction of your favourite stocks ?
  2. Having a Tough Time to Comprehend which stock to buy or hedge your holding ? 
  3. How to invest in cyclical stock or market leaders ?
  4. Future trading is a zero sum game, how do you make money then ?
  5. How to trade safe in intraday with stocks ?
  6. What safety mechanisms and strategies do you use in Intraday and delivery trading of stocks ?
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Do not worry. We will answer all your question and help protect your capital.

How we do it ?

  1. We have an extensive criteria in selecting stocks for delivery and day trading.
  2. Providing good risk:reward trades is our speciality.
  3. Some strategies we use include Buying high volume gainers at open and play them till we see big players exiting.
  4. These strategies is for subscribers who are risk averse and want to play safe.
  5. Our aim is to make at least 3-4% monthly with these strategies.
  6. We want to make sure our subscriber do not loose much of their capital, so we use small stops.

Features of our product

  1. We provide Stock tips and Stock future tips  with single/multiple target . Stop loss will vary according to the stock.
  2. We provide intraday tips for future and cash stocks. (delivery trades only for cash stocks)
  3. We provide multiple calls per day with fixed stop loss and a single target or multiple targets. (1,2 Stock tips per day).
  4. We provide service through telegram/Whatsapp .
  5. Our Average success rate is 70% on monthly basis.
  6. We do not take more than 1% loss on our capital.
  7. We increase or decrease the lot size according to market volatility.
  8. 1% to 1.5% is our daily stop loss on our capital.

Trading rules we follow

  1. Subscriber Must Have The Ability To Maintain Required Capital to trade our Stock tips and Stock future tips
  2. On Profit, Must Make Pay-Out And On Loss Must Have The Ability To Pay-In.
  3. Must Have discount Brokerage Trading Account (Like Upstox Or Zerodha).
  4. Over Or Under Position Taking Must Be Avoided. This Might Cause Higher Losses Or Under Profits.
  5. After Entering In Position Must Put Stop Loss Order In The System.
  6. On Exit Call, Must Take Profit And Exit From The Position.
  7. There Will Be Only One Entry And One Exit Means One Target And One Stop Loss.

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