Nifty Option Tips

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What is an option? 

Nifty Options is a derivative instrument wherein the underlying asset is Nifty; like Nifty50 future it also has lot size 75, different strikes and multiple expiry periods. It is a derivative like Futures but unlike Futures your profit/loss will not be linear depending on the up move/down move in NSE NIFTY.

The 2 types of Options are Call Options i.e. the Right to Buy and Put Options i.e. the Right to Sell.

A Call option gives buyer an option to “BUY” underlying asset at an agreed upon price with a expiry date on this contract. Likewise Put gives buyer an option to “SELL” at agree upon price with a expiry date on this contract. Hence, Call buyer would want prices of the underlying to go up and put buyers would like to see prices of underlying falling.

Options are one of the only instruments in the market which gives you the opportunity to get unlimited profits at the same time put a limit to your losses. In India, you get to trade in European Style options where your contracts get settled on each month expiry but you can close your position before an expiry with gain or loss on Premium price you paid. Trading in options can be quite confusing and hence we only recommend it to seasoned traders.

Features of our product:

  • We provide Nifty option tips with single/multiple target .Stop loss 50-100 points.
  • 100% intraday tips no delivery/positional holdings.
  • We provide 1,2 calls per day with fixed stop loss and a single target or multiple targets. (1,2 Nifty future tips per day).
  • We provide service  through telegram app.
  • Our Average success rate is 55% on monthly basis.
  • 30,000 Indian Rupees margin money required per 1 lot for selling/short intraday (1 nifty future lot size 75)
  • 100% genuine intraday recommendations with 100% transparency.
  • we update our actual performance irrespective of profit or loss.
  • We are charging just Rs.2999 per month.

How it works:

  1. We will send a telegram message ” Buy nifty 6th jan option 12100 @ 150 sl= 90 target = 175/200/210″.
  2. If we buy 5 lots nifty option (1 lot size is 75) you need around 150x5x75=56250  margin money. (if price of option is Rs150)
  3. If we manage 100-150 points net profit per month (after deducting losses and brokerage) we can earn 00 -56,250 Indian Rupees.
  4. All the calls given should be diligently followed, you can buy lots as per your capacity and risk  (min. 5 lots).
  5. We don’t provide random calls BTST/STBT calls like on business news channels.
  6. We will share screenshot as follows

We do complete analysis of the market technically and fundamentally before offering intraday and positional trade recommendations. All our bank nifty options tips are given keeping into consideration the risk management and volatility. Our research analyst not only keeps studying the market fluctuations but is also by the side of our customers, ready to answer their queries at all times.

Trading rules we follow

  1. Subscriber Must Have The Ability To Maintain Required Capital to trade our Stock tips and Stock future tips
  2. On Profit, Must Make Pay-Out And On Loss Must Have The Ability To Pay-In.
  3. Must Have discount Brokerage Trading Account (Like Upstox Or Zerodha).
  4. Over Or Under Position Taking Must Be Avoided. This Might Cause Higher Losses Or Under Profits.
  5. After Entering In Position Must Put Stop Loss Order In The System.
  6. On Exit Call, Must Take Profit And Exit From The Position.
  7. There Will Be Only One Entry And One Exit Means One Target And One Stop Loss.

“Don’t try to make a profit on a bad trade, just try to find the best place to get out.”- Linda Raskhke

Nifty option tips 3

Expecting 2%-2.5% monthly on your capital.Please note markets are dynamic and there are no guarantees. But if our returns are less than FD returns(yearly),we will not charge you for the next year.

There is no fix number, 2-3 calls per day for stock, bank nifty ,nifty, options . but every thing depends on your stop loss limit. If it is exhausted for the day don’t trade. save your capital PERIOD

If you are looking to double your money or recover a loss, then please look somewhere else. This service is suited for people who are not desperate for returns. We want you to follow the calls with an open mind and have realistic goals

No, we do not provide profit sharing services or trade in your account.

Via Telegram app, we will mention where to buy and SL, we will plan our exit as per market conditions.

Loss is like your daily expenses to run a business.If you know you cannot lose more than your SL amount, you have won half the battle.

Index and stock futures and options. Our main aim is to reduce your brokerage cost,STT etc. Our preference is options.

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