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What Topics Can You Cover...?

Here are a handful of topic examples. If you have a topic that is not listed, you can reach out and we can discuss it further.

Strategy Topics

  • Basics of getting started in investing or trading
  • Personal strategies and systems for trading stocks
  • Choosing the right stocks based on your personal risk tolerance and risk levels
  • Managing your trading account or portfolio
  • Setting up a plan to invest or actively trade for retirement

Technical Analysis

  • Basics of technical analysis
  • Reading the charts properly to understand stock behavior
  • Learning how to read volume along with price action within the charts
  • Understanding of various indicators and how to use them within your analysis

Option Trading

  • Basics of option trading
  • Specific option strategies for your risk tolerance and trading style
  • Variations of option strategies during certain events or market conditions
  • Properly choosing how many days out to put on an option
  • How to select the right strike prices based on your strategy and evaluate the risk to reward ratios.
  • Trading during volatile days, weeks, or months

Watch a Real Coaching Session

Note that all coaching sessions are private, but this session was published with permission

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q Will coaching be helpful if I am completely new to trading?

Yes! Coaching at the beginning can help you get started, avoid studying the wrong material, and save you time! We can custom create a learning path specifically based on your goals, focus, and risk tolerance.

Q How long is each session and is it private?

Every session is private. The recordings are stored securely on our server and only shared with you. Recordings may be used for us to review your past sessions. They are never shared publicly unless direct permission is given from you.

Q How often should I have a session?

Some people choose to have sessions more often to review their trades, and other people prefer coaching sessions to complement their learning. Active traders usually have one session every 2-4 weeks. If you are looking for follow-up sessions and are less active, then most people do a session every 2-3 months.

Q How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is at a different level and learns uniquely. Someone that pairs coaching with courses may need fewer sessions. If you want to only learn from coaching sessions, then it will take more time and more meetings.

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