Bank Nifty Future Tips

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How often do you face these question while watching or trading the markets ?

  1. Hard time understanding the direction of Bank Nifty Future ?
  2. Why does it do the opposite of where I place my order ?
  3. Future trading is a zero sum game, how do you make money then ?
  4. How tough is it to capture 10 points a day in Bank nifty future trading?
  5. Movement in bank nifty future is so fast, when to enter or exit ?

Let’s discuss with a few examples

Below image is a 10 min chart of bank nifty . Gap down in Bank nifty led to fear growing ,this is where smart traders make money by doing what market is telling them. They never fight the market. They always remember market is supreme.

Not always our opinion is in line with the markets. Sometimes market differ and do the opposite. We have a insurance for that i.e. Stop loss. 
We as traders take it as a business loss.

Trading in the stock market is a zero sum game. You either win or lose. What we need to note is how much we are winning and how much are we losing.

Why go for 10-20 points when you can capture 100-150 points with proper risk reward.

Bank nifty is a volatile instrument and we as bank nifty tips provider, Our foremost job is protection of client capital and asses his/her risk and on the basis of that provide tips.

How do we trade Bank Nifty Future ?

  1. We provide Bank Nifty Future tips with single/multiple target . Stop loss 75-100 points.
  2. 100% intraday tips no delivery/positional holdings.
  3. We provide multiple calls per day with fixed stop loss and a single target or multiple targets. (1,2 Bank Nifty future tips per day).
  4. We provide service through telegram/Whatsapp .
  5. Our Average success rate is 70% on monthly basis.
  6. We do not take more than 1% loss on our capital.
  7. We increase or decrease the lot size according to market volatility.
  8. 1% to 1.5% is our daily stop loss on our capital.

Some features of our product

  1. We do not take more than 1% loss on our capital.
  2. Rs.27,000 Indian Rupees margin money required per 1 lot (1 bank nifty lot size 20)
  3. 100% genuine intraday recommendations with 100% transparency.
  4. we update our actual performance irrespective of profit or loss.
  5. We are charging just Rs.2999 per month.
  6. We don’t provide random calls BTST/STBT calls like on business news channels.
  7. We will share screenshot as follows

Let’s do the Math

  1. After scanning options and Index futures ,if we think we are getting a favourable entry.
  2. We will send a  message ” Buy Bank nifty F 31100 sl= 31010 target = 31260″.
  3. If we buy 5 lots Bank nifty future (1 lot size is 20) you need around 1.35 lakhs margin money.
  4. If we manage 300-500 points net profit per month (after deducting losses and brokerage) we can earn Rs.30,000-50000 Indian Rupees. it means 22% to 37% of net profit on our margin money.
  5. All the calls given should be diligently followed, you can buy lots as per your capacity and risk.
  6. We don’t provide random calls BTST/STBT calls like on business news channels.
  7. We will share screenshot as follows

Trading rules to follow:

  1. Subscriber Must Have The Ability To Maintain Required Capital to trade our bank nifty future tips
  2. On Profit, Must Make Pay-Out And On Loss Must Have The Ability To Pay-In.
  3. Must Have discount Brokerage Trading Account (Like Upstox Or Zerodha).
  4. Over Or Under Position Taking Must Be Avoided. This Might Cause Higher Losses Or Under Profits.
  5. After Entering In Position Must Put Stop Loss Order In The System.
  6. On Exit Call, Must Take Profit And Exit From The Position.
  7. There Will Be Only One Entry And One Exit Means One Target And One Stop Loss.


Do not worry. We trade you follow.
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