Read this before you buy Yes bank

The Exchange introduced trading in Index Options (also based on Nifty 50) on June 4, 2001

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Yes bank fell 3.98% today. It is below 200 moving average on all time frames. It is making lower highs and lower low pattern on the daily chart. A breach of 30 levels will intensify the down move. Yes bank is the cheapest private sector bank right now. Recently we got a news update.

  1. “YES Bank to delay Dec-quarter results amid talks to raise capital”.
  2. Yes Bank processed around 40% of UPI transactions in January.”
When a stock has fallen down by at-least 10 times it’s value in less than 2 years since 20-08-2018. Ravneet Gill in this con-call revealed that only 30% of Yes bank’s 1100 Retail branches are Profitable but he targets that 80% of its branches would be profitable by 2023. “The bet on a Leveraged Entity is always a bet on the Banker”.


Let’s check out some charts to clear our thinking process.

Read this before you buy YES BANK 1

Buying the cheapest private bank at these prices is a bargain, but charts tell a different story. For us any stock that is below its 200 moving average on multiple time frame is a risky bet and best avoided.

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