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What we offer ?

novice trader

For Novice

Our recommendation: Training

Learning the basics, analysis and trading instruments like futures and option can make your journey easier.

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For Intermediate

Our recommendation: Mentorship

Practice make one perfect. We will analyse your trades and give you suggestions on how to improve your entry and exits. 

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For Trader

Our recommendation: Trading Tips

We pick stocks for you which are in momentum for day or delivery trading. Good for those who don’t have time to filter stocks & futures.

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For Investors

Our recommendation: Yearly Investor Plan

We will provide stocks with good potential and momentum .Keeping your risk in the mind we will provide you suggestions.

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For Passive Traders

Our recommendation: Writing options Plan

For investors/traders who are looking for 1%-3% monthly Slow and steady return on their capital.


Create your own SIP

Our recommendation: Yearly Investor Plan

We will help your create your own SIP(monthly/yearly) and help decrease your costs.


Stock market foundation course TOPICS COVERED Capital Markets: Basics of Financial Markets IPO  IPO Terms

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  •  2019, Wise stock Research is Research website which was formed to educate investors and traders.
  • We have 6 years of experience in day trading and delivery trading.
  • We have expertise in trading and providing Stock Market tips and we teach various strategies for day trading for a living
  • Wise Stock Research Is An Independent Futures Advisory Company Backed By Experts Who Have Huge Experience In Intraday Trading In The Indian Stock Market.
  • We Are A Specialist In Making Money In Index And Stock Futures With Favorable Risk-Reward Ratio.
  • We provide Education consisting of Free & Paid Webinars and Seminars. We teach simple yet effective methods and psychological hacks to enhance your potential
  • We don’t Teach Holy Grail or No-loss Trading. 

How to become a Profitable Trader?


Study the basics of Stock market.  .Keep your learning curve short & simple, do not complicate it.


Practice makes perfect .Practice the patterns you studied on live markets with demo account. There is no replacement for screen time, the more charts you watch the better you become.


To learn to trade the market, you need to enter the pit. Trade with few shares, so that you can get the feel of the market when you are in profit or loss. Your brain works differently when you own hard earned money in on the line. Keep a trade log of all the trades

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